Spotify Testing Another TikTok-Inspired Feature To Help You Discover New Songs

Spotify explains users will need to scroll up or down through the “personalised picks” to hear a preview and see the Canvas for each song.

Spotify is testing a new feature to help users discover new music in a TikTok-like vertical scrolling format. The new feature works with Spotify’s Canvas Loop which essentially plays a short 8-second video in a loop instead of showing the album cover or artwork. Since the Canvas loop remains unavailable in India, the new scrolling feature also isn’t available. In a blog post, the company said that the option to discover music is available in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Notably, Spotify is even testing a dedicated podcast tab to let users discover new series in a similar TikTok-like scrolling fashion.

Speaking over the latest scrolling feature for Spotify’s Canva Loop, the company explains users will need to scroll up or down through the “personalised picks” to hear a preview and see the Canvas for each song. The idea behind the feature is to persuade users to share music across social media platforms. Currently, Spotify lets users (even in India) share album artwork on Instagram that lets others know what songs/artists they are listening to. The advantage of the Canvas short video is that the story on Instagram or other platforms will look more immersive. Moreover, artists get access to add the Canvas video loop, and it allows users to learn more about the song.

The Spotify Canvas loop is available to all music labels and creators and some global artists like Billie Eilish and Harry styles have used the feature. The company is yet to clarify when the Canvas loop will arrive in India. However, since it is a test, there’s always a possibility that the tool could be limited to select markets. Spotify has clarified earlier that it keeps testing new features to make the platform more immersive.

Recently, the streaming giant started testing a new feature to “amplify the playlists” its listeners create. The feature will essentially bring the ‘Featured Curators’ playlist to users’ homepage to help them discover new music. This upgrade seemingly remains unavailable in India as well.

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