Stuff’: 10 Best Countries In The World To Get Stoned

For a couple of years in the centre, it seemed like India may at long last be freeing itself up to the possibility that cannabis isn’t all terrible. There were developments for legitimization, MPs were transparently supporting its creation, and a stoner’s eyes weren’t simply red, they were likewise loaded up with trust. The entirety of that went to poop throughout the most recent couple of years as we relapsed disastrously, however there are nations on the planet where weed isn’t simply decriminalized, yet appreciated with fervour, for example, these.

1. Jamaica

The clearest decision, the place that is known for Bob Marley and red, gold and green banners. Jamaica may be inseparable from ganja, yet shockingly, they just decriminalized the spice in 2015. You would now be able to have up to 2 ounces or up to five plants for individual use.

2. Netherlands

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