Sufraaz New Song ‘Hard to defend’ is about to release soon.To know more read the article below.

Sufraaz is an all rounder. He is a writer, a singer and an actor. He is born and brought up in Punjab. He is popular among many people because of his ultimate talent for singing and acting. He has a huge fan following on Instagram & other social media sites.

He is famous for his songs like Jaddi Pushti, Hell Routes and many others. He is about to release his brand new song ‘Hard to defend’.The poster of hard to defend was uploaded a few hours ago on 15th June.

The poster became viral and is loved by the audience. It has created curiosity among the people for the song. The releasing dates of the song is not finalized yet. We hope it releases really soon. The lyrics and compositions of the music is by Sufraaz. In this he has soon his passion for all the three things – singing,writing&composing. Music is given by ficction. Mix master is Amit Monga. The song will be premiered through ‘Insane Music Studio’. The song is produced by Deepti Sharma. The publicity and designing is by the Nick’s eye.

Sarfraz is a focused artist, who needs your support and motivation. So guys please keep sharing the post of this song and make this one a super hit and one the epic song of  music industry.

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