‘I Was In A Relationship With Jacqueline’ Sukesh’s Letter To Lawyer Reveals Everything

ED enquiry case involving conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar and actress Jacqueline Fernandez has taken a new turn. The man has finally opened up on the case in a letter where he has objected to being called a ‘conman’. The man has been involved and booked in an extortion case which amounts to over Rs 200 crore. Actress Jacqueline Fernandez’s name got dragged into the controversy after her kissing selfies with Sukesh went viral.

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In a letter that Sukesh has written to his lawyer, he has revealed details around his name being dragged unnecessarily and cleared the accusations around his name. According to a report in India Today, the letter stated, “I have been a corporate lobbyist who has worked with multiple corporate houses nationally and internationally, being a bridge between business houses and the governments of different states. I have been involved in such a business since the age of 20, as I have been very close to multiple political parties and top businessmen and families. Now if there is any dispute in one of the business transactions merely because of my alleged involvement in the cases which are still under trial, I cannot be leveled as a con or cheat. By the grace of God, I have made a few thousand crores every year as commission through corporate lobbying and I have no need to con, cheat or extort anyone.”

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About his relationship with Jacqueline, he spoke about the gifts worth crores he gave her. “I was in a relationship with Jacqueline and that was the reason I have given gifts to her. Any kind of transaction that took place is about my personal life and none of the amount used in the gifts was part of any proceeds and the court will decide if it was. She has nothing to do with the case.” He further added, “All my friends in Bollywood are being targeted just to defame me and make me look in a bad light in society, so that I won’t be able to do business related to films.”

Besides, Jacqueline, actress Norah Fatehi’s name was also involved in the case after it was revealed that she received a BMW from the conman.

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