Super Dancer: Shilpa Shetty Kundra appreciates contestant Anshika’s mother to help her peruse her dreams

The 10 year old Contestant Anshika Rajput from MP, along with Choreographer Aryan Patra wins overs the judges’ hearts with their brilliant dance moves and mesmerizing performance on ‘Ghoomar’.

Shilpa Shetty Picture Courtesy: PR

Sony Entertainment Television’s Super Dancer is one of the most popular kids’ dance reality show. After enthralling the audience with three seasons, the makers are back with Super Dancer -Chapter 4 which promises Nachpan Ka Tyohaar where the audience is witnessing the celebration of dance in all its glory by the oh-so-cute and immensely talented kids in every episode. This weekend, SD4 will showcase its grand premiere weekend, wherein the viewers will witness mind-blowing performances of Super 13 kids with their gurus. 

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