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All about Dogecoin

“Meme Cryptocurrency”, Dogecoin was created by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. It was created as a joke to the payment system. It was introduced on 6 December 2013 and within no time it developed its own online community. It started off as a joke but now it is no longer a joke. As […]Read More

WhatsApp transforms into most used for internal assessment

Various strategies are utilized by optional schools to proceed with evaluation in the midst of the pandemic, SCERT had dispatched study to comprehend the probability of inner appraisal for SSC understudies whose end of the year test was dropped in the midst of the flood in Covid-19 cases Whatsapp has been the most utilized stage […]Read More

Twitter gives USD 15 million for Covid-19 help in India

Twitter CEO Jack Patrick Dorsey on Monday tweeted that the sum has been given to three non-legislative associations – Care, Aid India and Sewa International USA. Microblogging monster Twitter has given USD 15 million to help address the Covid-19 emergency in India which is fighting the uncommon second flood of the dangerous pandemic. Twitter CEO […]Read More

Indian Journalist and founder of ‘Media Manthan News’, Sudhir Bishnoi

Sudhir Bishnoi is a writer, anchor, and YouTuber from India. He made ‘Media Manthan News,’ India’s arising media gathering since he is energetic about reporting Sudhir Bishnoi Fruitful individuals have a ton of energy. They need to succeed more and they figure out how to succeed. The character can’t be shaped in a serene and […]Read More