Tamtam - INSAK (Official Video)

Tamtam – INSAK  An insect has two themes surrounding it: Love and Time. It is a song about reclaiming your life.

The opening line pulls you to a familiar picture of a group of girls advising their heartbroken friend to forget about “him”, it translates to: ” My friends told me to forget about you, as if I sit here and wait for you…”. It’s not about being over someone, but rather knowing your worth and moving forward no matter what, just like the clocks of time. The chorus says “when the clocks of time are turning, and you find yourself thinking about me, don’t try to come back to me, you won’t find another like me.”

This song transcends all language barriers because although the lyrics are in Arabihindmusic, the feelings behind the song are transparent to any listener. It goes beyond all cultural barriers, because no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you believe, you know what it feels like to put on the crown you know you deserve, and walk forward. This song is a representation of what music is and what music has always been: a pmnsafehous and open space that connects us all.

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