Team Gunegaar is back with another song “Goodbye”. Are you excited about this song?

KD Desi Rockstar is shining again in the industry after a long period of time, He is again coming up with new projects back to back and revealing his new songs and albums continuously.

KD Desi Rockstar had taken such a long gap of 6 months, which he is filling now by coming out back to back super hit songs non-stop. And along with that, he has also announced the album, But the releasing date is still not declared. KD’s new song is coming soon “Bhala kra Bhagwan” or “Goodbye” in the English version. This song will be more rap one type. KD’s Rap made this song more radiant and amazing.

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There was a “Gunegaar” song which was a super hit song, the team of that song has come in this song again. In this song whole team is the same as it is in “Gunegaar”song, which is very much liked by the public.


Vijay Verma is the main actor in this song. As a whole team’s dedication and skills this song will be,much more popular than “Gunegaar”

This song is emotional and contains the story of a batreyal girl in a serious relationship. This song will be much popular among adults and teenagers. The emotions and every word of the song is catchy and depicts reality. This song is sung by Raju Punjabi and rap is done by KD Desi Rockstar. Andy Dahiya has penned this song. The video of the song is directed by Ameet Choudhary. This song is coming very soon on Saga Hits official youtube channel.

Did you know KD will soon be collaborating with the beat master Mistabaaz.

So, Guys are you waiting for this song?

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