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Venom 3: The third part of ‘Venom’ is coming, hints at this post by Tom Hardy


The Marvel Cinematic Universe brings to its audience the scintillating stories of Superheroes. After “Doctor Strange” franchise film “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”, he is all set to bring the fourth installment of the Thor franchise “Thor: Love and Thunder” next month. The excitement for the film was not over yet as the lead actor of the Sony Pictures franchise has hinted about its next part.

In fact, the lead actor of Sony’s ‘Venom’ franchise has left fans excited by sharing a glimpse of the script of the upcoming film on his Instagram handle. This post of his is becoming very viral on social media.

Tom Hardy, the lead actor of the ‘Venom’ series, took to his Instagram handle to share a post about the upcoming third film of the franchise. Describing the status of the film, Tom uploaded the cover photo of the script of the film and told his fans that the film is already in the works.


The picture features a cartoon doodle of Venom, with his tongue sticking out. Below the doodle, the page reads, “Story by Tom Hardy and Kelly Marcel.” Actually, Marcel is the author of the script. However, the story of the film or its name has not been revealed from this cover page. But it is a confirmation for the fans that soon we will get to see ‘Venom 3’ on the big screen.

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