Three lakhs cheated by Haryanvi artist, case registered

A case of cheating of Rs 3 lakh from Haryanvi artist Panchvati Colony resident Nardev Baniwal has come to light. On demanding money, the victim was also threatened with death by showing a pistol. The city police station has registered a case under other sections including cheating.

Nardev Baniwal, in his complaint to the police, said that he is a Haryanvi artist. Anil Panwar resident Indri had taken Rs 3 lakh from him a few days ago to run the school. When he asked for his money back, he said that he would sell the school and give his money back. The school was sold to someone known to him by a person named Saudan. When the school was sold, he asked for his money from Saudan.


Saudan said that he would give her Rs. A few days later, Saudan gave him a check. When he deposited the check in the bank, the check could not be cashed due to technical fault. He told the payer that the check was not being cashed. On December 22, he met Saudan in front of Maharana Pratap Bhavan, when he threatened to kill him by showing a gun if he demanded money.

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