Twitter’s Blue Tick Monthly Plan in India Creates a Storm of Memes


Twitter’s recent announcement of its Blue Tick monthly plan in India at a price of Rs 650 has created a buzz on the internet, and not all of it has been positive. The micro-blogging platform’s latest offering has drawn the attention of Twitter users in India, and it has been the subject of many memes and jokes.

The Blue Tick plan promises to give verified status to users for a fee, a feature that was previously only available to public figures, celebrities, and influential personalities. The plan has been met with skepticism and criticism by many Twitter users, who believe that the platform should not charge money for verified status.

Critics of the plan argue that Twitter is commodifying its verification process and making it available to anyone with the money to pay for it. They also believe that this will lead to a saturation of verified accounts, and that the value of verification will be lost.

Many Twitter users in India have taken to creating memes and jokes about the Blue Tick monthly plan, with some calling it a cash grab by Twitter and others making fun of the high price of the plan. The memes and jokes have been shared widely on the platform, and the hashtag #TwitterBlueTick has been trending.


Despite the criticism, there are some who believe that the Blue Tick monthly plan is a good idea. These users argue that it will allow smaller businesses and individuals to increase their visibility and reach on the platform. They believe that the verification process will help to differentiate legitimate accounts from fake ones, and that it will provide a boost to the credibility of verified users.

In conclusion, Twitter’s Blue Tick monthly plan in India has created a storm of memes and jokes, and has drawn criticism from many users. While some believe that the plan is a good idea, others see it as a cash grab by the platform. Only time will tell whether the Blue Tick monthly plan will be a success or not, but for now, it has certainly created a lot of buzz on the internet. Regenerate response

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