Do Want to Know the Upcoming Haryanvi Films in 2023? See Inside

Upcoming Haryanvi Films in 2023

The Haryanvi film industry, also known as the Harywood, has been gaining popularity in recent years. With a number of successful films being released in the past, there is a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming Haryanvi films of 2023.

One of the most highly anticipated Haryanvi films of 2023 is “Sapna Choudhary’s Biopic”. The film is based on the life of Sapna Choudhary, one of the biggest names in the Haryanvi music industry. The film is expected to showcase the journey of Sapna’s rise to fame and her impact on the Haryanvi music scene. The film will be directed by popular Haryanvi film director, Mukesh Jaji and produced by Haryanvi film producer, Deepak khatana.

Another upcoming Haryanvi film that is creating a buzz is “Ganga Jamuna”. The film is a drama film directed by Rohit Chaudhary, and it is based on the story of two brothers who are separated at a young age and reunited as adults. The film is expected to showcase the cultural and social issues prevalent in Haryana. The film will be starring famous Haryanvi actors, Raju Punjabi and Annu Kadyan.

Another film that is expected to be a hit in 2023 is “Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja”. The film is a biopic of the famous Haryanvi folk singer and actor, Raju Punjabi. The film will be directed by Rajesh Bhardwaj, and it will showcase the life and career of Raju Punjabi, and his impact on the Haryanvi music scene.


2023 also marks the release of “Desi Beat” which is a romantic-comedy film. The film is directed by Mukesh Jaji and produced by Haryanvi film producer, Pardeep Boora. The film stars famous Haryanvi actors, Ankit Gera and Nisha Guragain, and it is expected to be a light-hearted entertainer.

In addition to these films, there are several other Haryanvi films that are in the works and are expected to be released in 2023. These films are being produced by a new generation of Haryanvi filmmakers who are bringing fresh and unique perspectives to the Haryanvi film industry.

Overall, 2023 promises to be an exciting year for the Haryanvi film industry, with a number of highly anticipated films set to be released. With a diverse range of stories and an increasing number of talented actors and filmmakers, the Harywood is sure to continue to grow in popularity and reach a wider audience.

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