Want to know about Renuka Panwar’s upcoming song in collaboration Md Desi Rockstar?

Renuka Panwar one of the biggest Haryanvi singer, she is famous for her song ’52 gaj ka daman’ which has crossed 1Billion + views and is the superhit song in this industry.


Two days ago, Renuka and MD desi Rockstar revealed the poster of their song “JEEP” which got viral all over the world. The artists in this song are MD Desi Rockstar, Renuka and Sunita Kaur. Their acting is very authentic and amazing which will be seen in the video. Song JEEP will be hit the youtube on 10th of July,2021 at 10 A.M. The music is composed by Nitin Watts. The shooting of this song lasted for many days which means that seeds have been sown and it’s just the time to harvest. The whole team of the song jeep has been working for days and nights. Now is the time to just wait for the song to release become a superhit.

The video is directed by The Ayub Khan. The publicity and design were done by Sumit Bamal. The song is presented by Bamb beats Haryanvi. Bamb beats is a very popular music label that has millions of subscribers. So, Stay tuned and do watch the song “JEEP” on 10th JULY,2021 at 10 A.m on Bamb beats Haryanvi.

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