Want to know public’s reaction after seeing Pragati’s Instagram video.

Pragati is one of the boldest female Haryanvi singers you will ever come across.


Along with singing amazing songs she also influences a huge number of people. If we talk about her Instagram feed, it is just so aesthetically pleasing. The diva keeps on interacting with her fans on daily basis through her Instagram stories, replying dm’s etc.


Pragati is famous for her jolly behaviour and chill attitude. She keeps on making reel videos on trending songs that go viral within few minutes.


A few days back, Pragati uploaded in which followed the new trend of “Gitch”. In the video, she pretended to be getting a shock. The video was very amazing and it was trendy. The public reacted to this song in a very positive way. Someone also said one if you “were in college “So you haven’t seen her new Instagram reel, then check it on Pragati!

What do you think?

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