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Want to know who gifted Anjali Raghav “JHANJHAR”? If yes, read the article below.

Anjali Raghav is one of the most followed personalities in the Haryanvi music industry with a lot of fan following. She will be soon achieving a great milestone in her life as she will hit the jackpot of 1 Million followers.

Anjali has been a fashion influencer for a very long time. She has been very active on Instagram these days. She is posting a lot of stories on her Instagram handle lately. Her fans became very confused when they saw the story which she recently posted on her account.

JHANJHARS” are now very trending, we have seen many songs based upon it. Jhanjhars have become the best gift that can be gifted to your girlfriend/ Wife. A few hours ago, Anjali Raghav uploaded a story of jhanjhars asking her fans “how are my anklets?’’ The talk became very serious. All the fans started thinking about who gave her those Jhanjhars! But according to the sources, nobody actually gifted her these. There are rumours that it’s gifted by her beloved but it’s not true. Actually, It is Anjali Raghav who gifted her these Jhanjhars to herself. Anjali Raghav wore gold anklets, which are eyes pleasing and very pretty.



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