Want to know why FILHAAL 2 is trending on the reels and short video apps?

After the great success of the song FILHAAL, the team is back to win the hearts of the people with FILHAAL 2. The song was such a blockbuster that it compelled them to come up with its second part. It was a debut track of Akshay Kumar with Nupur Sason. Now again actor Akshay Kumar teamed up yet again Filhaal 2, with B Praak and Jaani. FILHAAL is has crossed 1 Billion views on youtube, which was a great success. Now, FILHAAL 2 has created the same excitement again. It is the most viewed song and has crossed 165 Million + views on youtube in a week. The makers of the song quoted that “If FILHAAL touched your heart, FILHAAL 2 Mohabbat will touch your soul.” The on-screen chemistry between Akshay Kumar and Nupur Sason is just “WOW”. The emotions depicted in the song will touch your soul. Punjabi singer-actor Ammy Virk will also be seen in this song as an additional actor. People are curious to know why this song is one of the most successful tracks in India.

So Here are the five reasons why this song is getting viral on reels and short Video apps.

1. The first reason why people are making videos on this track is because of its unique name “FILHALL” which means temporary or in the moment. It is a trending sound to make reels as it frequent on the for you section.

2. The hashtags related to the songs are really trending, which help the creators to seek more views than the other videos. The creators who make videos on this song has witnessed their followers increasing in large numbers.

3.The third reason behind its success is that connection with reels and highly viewed short video apps like moj apps where people post great content.

4. Akshay Kumar fans are always very excited about his new releases and Filhall being their favourite is because of him. They all are his die heart fans and are obsessed with this track. They keep on making great content on this track and keep on getting good views. This way they gain a lot of followers and keep the song on streaming.

5. Nowadays, reels & the short video has a huge influence on the success of the song that’s why this song has become super successful. The song marketing team has worked really hard for taking this track to such great heights by collaborating with various famous reels & short video creators.

If you haven’t made reels on this amazing song then please go make some great content & do tag us to join our committee.
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