What happened when Peddler Media play instagame with Khasa aala Chahar, ?

Peddler Media is Haryana’s first Entertainment web portal which presents articles on the Haryani artists’ work, success stories, background and much more about entertainment.


Peddler Media on their Instagram handle organized an insta game wherein the audience had to guess wheater the artist would retag them or not. The game is quite interesting & the public involved themselves in the game and sent their responses.

The game became more interesting and fun when Peddler Media tagged the artist name Khasa Aala Chahar, and asked the audience wheater he would share the story or not.  There were many responses. Some were hopeful and replied with yes whereas some felt that he would not share. 



Peddler media and the people have been waiting for him to retag but there are not positive responses to them.  We all think that he must have not seen our tags and couldn’t get time from his busy schedule. We really hope that he sees it very soon and respond to the question. We are curious to know about his answers.

Peddler Media works a lot to promote and popularize the Haryanvi singers to reach great heights and take a step they’re achieving more success. We somehow feel that artists are not really aware of this amazing portal with which use to their advantage and for growth. Peddler Media is an engaging website and it will keep on organizing great games in the future as well.


Till then stay tuned & get to know wheater Khasa aala Chahar will retag Peddler media or not.