When Salman Khan shouted loudly on Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is explaining the task to Salman Khan, when Salman starts speaking the dialogues of his film, shouting loudly before his talk is completed. For a moment even Kangana gets scared, then she starts laughing keeping her hand on her heart. But during this time Kangana was really nervous.

The Controversial ‘Queen’ of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut is celebrating her 35th birthday today. Known to keep everything out of the box and fearlessly, Kangana never misses any opportunity to ‘panga’ with anyone and hence her stories are heard every day. Today, on her birthday, people like to watch many old moments and videos of Kangana. One such video of Kangana is being liked by her fans when she took ‘Panga’ from Salman Khan and then both of them started crying loudly on the sets.

This video is from the time when Kangana Ranaut reached the sets of the reality show Bigg Boss 13 for the promotion of her upcoming film ‘Panga’. In the promo video of this funny episode, Salman and Kangana were seen having a lot of fun together. It happened that Kangana gives a task to Salman Khan, in which the actor has to shout out loud the dialogues of his and Kangana’s film.

Kangana was horrified to see Salman’s acting

Kangana is explaining the task to Salman, that even before his talk is completed, Salman starts speaking the dialogues of his film, shouting loudly. For a moment even Kangana gets scared. Then she starts laughing while placing her hand on her heart, but during this time Kangana was really nervous, which is clearly visible on her face, but then in the very next clip she starts shouting at Salman.

Kangana and Salman kept shouting at each other

Kangana shouts the dialogues of her film, “My sense of humour is very good, you will come to know slowly.” On this dialogue of his, Salman reacts as if he has not made any difference. After this, both of them sit in one place while shouting at each other, having fun and then both start acting like crying.

Today again people are liking this video a lot

During this, Kangana speaks her famous dialogue that, “My life has become so bad, it has become so bad…” while Salman is also seen performing in his style. After this both of them start laughing out loud. This fun-filled video entertained the audience a lot even at that time and even today people are very much like to watch this funny video again and again.

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