White Hill Dhakaad has a great surprise for you all. Want to know what is it? Scroll below.

Yes, you heard it right! White Hill Dhakaad do have a great surprise for you all, Any guesses what it is?

It’s the massive album “RAAT KE RAAJE” by none other than Veer Sahu.


The first look of this album is presented by white Hill Dhakaad. This album will be As amazing as its poster is. Nothing is revealed as of now. We are very excited to know the entire team of this great album. Hope it comes out very soon. The entire album will be presented by “WHITE HILL DHAKAAD “.


Veer Sahu has a huge fan base, through which we can clearly see how much love this song will get. By looking at the poster questions that come into the audience‘s minds are: which actresses will be in the songs? How many songs will be there in total? When it will be released?

Well, you will surely get to everything very soon till then keep following Peddler Media.

What do you think?

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