Why Haryanvi Singer Target Delhi Girls in Their Music Video

Yes, it is a question which everyone asks usually as they saw that in most of the Haryanvi songs or mostly all the Haryanvi singers prefer Delhi girls in their music video. People asked that there are lots of models available in Chandigarh and Haryana as well then why singers prefer Delhi girls only. If you also want to know the same then keep reading this article till the end.

Here the reason why Delhi girls in the Haryanvi music video

As you know that Delhi is nearby Haryana and Haryanvi singers want to represent their songs in Delhi as it is one of the top places to perform live concerts and also the best place to build up an audience. Delhi is the centre of India and mostly everyone is well-known about Delhi. As it is the capital of India and people get lots of chances to get promoted while performing in Delhi.

Also, there are lots of Haryanvi singers who stay in Delhi and it is really easy for them to collaborate with other singers who live there. The nightlife of Delhi is already famous and mostly Delhi people like teenagers prefer to listen to haryanvi songs and due to this reason, the haryanvi singers love to prefer Delhi girls in their songs as they will get best models in Delhi who can perform in their songs videos.

As the living standard of Delhi, girls is so high and they maintain their standard and most girls in Delhi prefer to be a model. It is really easy for Haryanvi singers to get a model for their songs from Delhi.



Promotion is one of the major parts of a song or any entertainment. Mostly Haryanvi singers prefer Delhi girls in their songs as they will easily be able to promote their songs. Delhi is one of the centre point of India where we can find all people from all around India. Hiring a Delhi girl in Haryanvi songs helps the singer to promote their song and helps them to reach the audience easily.

Also, another factor behind why Haryanvi singers prefer Delhi girls in their music video is the availability of content. I mean, as you hear most of the Haryanvi songs, Delhi is one of the works which is mostly available in those songs. It represents that the Haryanvi singers mostly prefer Delhi and try to highlight Delhi through their songs. It also helps them to connect with the audience of Delhi and suppose, if the youth of Delhi saw any Delhi model in Haryanvi song then that song gets spread at a big level. This is the major reason behind the preference for the Delhi model in Haryanvi songs.



Having talent and skills is one of the major parts of any task. If we talk about the preference for Delhi girls in Haryanvi songs then the reason behind it is that the Delhi girls are having lots of skills. I mean that you can see that any song requires a talented co-partner or actor and actress. No one can beat the talent of Delhi girls in terms of acting and fitness and looks. Apart from that, the availability of options to hire a girl in Delhi for a music video is high as there are lots of girls available who will be ready to perform in the song.

So, these are some of the main things or points behind why Haryanvi singers target Delhi girls in their music video. If you are living in Delhi and want to be a part of Haryanvi, then the chances of your selection are high as compared to girls from other state girls.

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