Why should we celebrate Holi in Pushkar?

Holi is a Hindu festival that is celebrated in the month of March all over India. It is also known as the ‘Festival of Colours’, ‘Festival of Love’, and the ‘Festival of Spring’. People come together to dance to the beats of dholak and DJ, throw colours, water, and water balloons at each other.


This day is marked as the festival of triumph of good over evil. The beauty of Holi is that everybody comes together to celebrate this festival leaving behind all their inhibitions or grudges. People spend a happy time together and later treat themselves to the sweet and delicious taste of Mawa Gujiyas, which is the main sweet of Holi.


In India, Holi is celebrated in many parts. One of the most colourful and happening Holi is celebrated in Pushkar. Pushkar is a very small and holy city in the district of Ajmer, situated in the central east of Rajasthan. Pushkar City is home to the world-famous ‘The Pushkar Camel Fair’ which is held in November every year, and ‘The Brahma Temple’ which is dedicated to the ‘Creator of Universe’- Lord Brahma. Pushkar Lake, Sunset Point, Brahma Ghat, and Gau Ghat are a few of the major tourist attractions for tourists all around the globe. Pushkar Holi is the biggest and a memorable festival that one should not afford to miss.


The festival of colours in this city is celebrated in an iconic way. Pushkar is chock-a-block with thousands of people from around the globe. The locals, foreigners, Chai Wala, small stall people, everybody is united, filling the streets of Pushkar to its brim. Starting from 10 in the morning till 5 in the evening, people forget about everything on the outside and experience one of the best memory of their entire life. The streets seem like a crowded nightclub only that it’s not night and it’s non-alcohol. But, for you to let yourself loose and spark up your day,  special Bhang is served. Bhang is a local drink, an important feature of Holi made from mixing edible extracts of marijuana and cannabis in Lassi or Thandai. It is available in abundance on Bhang stalls to keep up with the aura of the festival of love. Photographers, Filmmakers specially visit Pushkar to celebrate and be a part of this festival. Pushkar Holi will be the best memory of Holi for a lifetime.


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