World’s largest sand art of Maharana Pratap will be made on New Year

World's largest sand art of Maharana Pratap

India’s famous sand artist Ajay Rawat is going to make the world’s largest sand art of Maharana Pratap in the celebration of New Year in the desert of Pushkar. Ajay Rawat was born in Ganaheda, a small village adjacent to the sandy areas of Pushkar,

Ajay Rawat, who with his passion and hard work, made the soil his identity, Ajay Rawat has emerged as the only sand artist of Rajasthan, India’s most desert state.

He has trained many children here, who are constantly learning the art of sand by staying with him, He welcomed the President of India, His Excellency Mr Ramnath Kovind, in Rajasthan by making artwork on the sand, which the President appreciated for art. He has represented Rajasthan many times at the International Sand Art Festival.


He has been honoured locally many times, He is striving to give Rajasthan a new identity as the land of sand art, organizing the Art of Sand Dunes exhibition every year at the International Pushkar Camel Fair, where the art and culture of Rajasthan through sand art Bring it to life, In these days He is engaged in the preparations of Pushkar fair, where He wanted to welcome millions of foreign and foreign tourists by making sand artworks, You are very welcome greetings, Ajay Rawat, father’s name Kundan Singh Rawat, mother’s name Phumi Devi.

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