Yo-yo honey Singh‘s wife Shalini Talwar has filed a case against him for domestic violence under the “protection of women from domestic violence act”.

India’s most favourite rapper Honey Singh wife Shalini Talwar has reportedly filed a case of domestic violence under the protection of women from domestic violence act in Delhi’s haris court. She accused The rapper of domestic violence and a plea was filed in the case.

According to the sources, the case was registered on the 3rd of August,2021. Talwar accused honey Singh of having extramarital sex with other women. She also presented the evidence of physical, verbal and emotional abuse that she had allegedly been subjected to by honey Singh and his family.

The rapper’s wife explained in her complaint, ”began having frequent casual sex With multiple women when he was travelling and to further his sexual intents and illegitimate relationships, never disclosed to the public… that he was married”.

Everyone is shocked right now. Shalini also mentioned that the rapper kept on trying to conceal his marriage for a very long time. She accused him of engaging in substance abuse and even having an affair with a Punjabi movie actress. we wait for the inputs from the court and let justice prevail

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