Young Influencer Pihu Jaiswal is about to hit 700k followers on Instagram.

Pihu Jaiswal is an Indian Tik Toker that mainly became famous from the Video platform known as Tik Tok (musically). Pihu Jaiswal was born on 30 March 2003 and her present age in 2020 is 17 years. She lives in Jharkhand Ranchi, India. She is currently studying in a school in her hometown. Her original name is Vaishnavi Jaiswal. Pihu loves to give herself nicknames like little pihu, barbie etc.


Pihu has 600k + followers on Instagram, which is really huge. At such a tender age she has won so many people ‘a heart through her talent of making a video. She loves to post reels on trending songs. Her reels get millions of views just in few hours. One of her favourites is growing her nails and putting bright colours on them. This tells more about her soft personality. Pihu is a very shy girl by nature and looks very cute while blushing in her videos. She creates quality content which really loved by the people.


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