Your Nipples Have Just Been Added To The List Of Organs That Can Give You Orgasms

Pleasuring yourself is generally frowned upon by our society in general. Even though, this is something we have done since the beginning of our civilisation. But let’s be honest here. No amount of religious text is going to stop people from finding ways to achieve orgasms. Those things are heavenly but it warrants such bold ambitions. 

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Speaking of which, did you know that sexologists believe that you could have an orgasm just by playing with your nipples. Well, there’s a trial and error method involved; much like when you first started masturbating but you’ll figure it out. 

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According to Vice India, nipples lead to pleasurable sensations when stimulated, thanks to the hundreds of nerve endings that lie in each nipple. So just take your time and ease into it. 

In a 2011 study, scientists even found that nipple play activates the same area of the brain—the genital sensory cortex—that vaginal or clitoral stimulation do.

Now, this is not to say that simply playing with your nipples will get you an orgasm, but it’s definitely possible. The science is strong with this one. 

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Of course, it also has a lot to do with how sensitive your nipples are. And it works for men, women or any other genders involved. And even if it doesn’t get you there, it’ll get you close. But I guess, we all knew about that last part! 

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