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Zeeshan Khan’s anger erupted on Azamah Fallah, raised his hand, said – I will break it to pieces

Kangana Ranaut’s reality show ‘Lockup’ is in the news. Till now, the contestants in the show were in the news due to their revelations, but now a fight has started between the contestants present in Kangana’s captivity. Nothing special happens between Zeeshan and Aajah in the show. The two have often been seen fighting.

The latest episode also saw a fight between Zeeshan Khan and Azam Fallah. The fight between the two went so far that Zeeshan even raised his hand on the trial, after which the whole matter became more heated.

Actually, Azam Fallah had said good and bad for Zeeshan Khan’s girlfriend Reyhnaa Pandit. Because of this Zeeshan also gets emotional. But when Aajah keeps saying something to Rihanna again and again, Zeeshan’s anger reaches the seventh heaven. During this, he also tries to kill Ajaz in anger but everyone comes in between and stops him. After listening to his trial, Zeeshan picks up his suitcase and throws it in the yard area.

Zeeshan starts sabotaging his belongings after hearing the trying things. After throwing the suitcase, Zeeshan tries to spoil all the makeup items. Not only this, they even throw away the tried medicines.


Zeeshan Khan’s anger does not stop here. He threatens Azam Fallah and says, ‘Tell him to shut up, I will cut his mouth off the jaw.’ Not only this, Zeeshan beats Ajai’s face with a knife and he also gives her a strong push. Seeing this act of Zeeshan, the rest of the contestants present in the jail also get enraged and try to pacify them.

Seeing this behavior of Zeeshan Khan in the show, both Kangana Ranaut and Karan Kundrra are furious. Karan Kundrra has shared a post on social media, in which he has told that he himself is going towards the sets to decide Zeeshan. He also told that Kangana had called him and asked him to take a decision on it.

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