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    15 Hilarious & Most Epic Subtitle Fails From Bollywood Movies

    Epic Subtitle Fails: Translation is a serious job- but sometimes it can feel funny too! Many times, you read subtitles and realize they are literal translations instead of what the phrase meant- and some other times they’re just downright illogical. Netizens have a way of getting joy out of every situation- be it wrong subtitles.

    So, here are some funny & from Bollywood movies that might make you go crazy and hysterical. So, brace yourselves, and go on with the article.

    Find Epic Subtitle Fails

    1. That is quite a scientific conversation- but, how did he know that?

    15 Hilarious Bollywood Subtitle Fails

    2. Pair dabane ka time aa gaya hai!

    Epic Subtitle Fails

    3. SRK se yeh umeed na thi…

    4. What arrangement is he talking about? And where he looking at?

    5. That is quite a fantasy…

    6. She is too bold for a black-and-white film audience!

    7. The secret she wasn’t interested in knowing…

    8. Christian Grey wants to know their location…

    9. No, girl- don’t do that. Look out for all the red flags.

    10. Avi no more chilli!

    11. Usne Kanoon se haath udhar liye hain kya? (don’t make that face!)

    12. Yeesh! Why is he proudly declaring that? .

    13. The naughty aunties and cousins during your wedding festivities…

    14. Looks like he is happy and fully satisfied!

    15. Sisters have been in hiding ever since he said that…

    Do you have a Hawkeye and noticed some more epic subtitle fails from Bollywood movies? Then continue with the list and tag us on social media.


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