Peddler Media provides community members with Artist-related news, Events Media Partnerships, Trending Topics, and Artistic recognition. In Mid 2020, Publisher Parveen was looking for an Event Company to Cover their friend’s music album from group music. When they couldn’t find one that checked all the boxes they decided to host their own. As they were organizing things, they soon realized they needed somewhere to promote the music and events, and that’s how PeddlerMedia.in was launched. It later became a blog and the result is what you are looking at right now.

Remarkable Progress

Along with a monthly partner stories distribution of 500, Peddler Media Network India Publication Ground and off-ground via web attracts millions of visits in one month. Also, peddlermedia.in is the title of Haryana’s first entertainment web portal.and Best Media News and Entertainment Awards in 2022

PMN India was started new age media marketing solution to the world of technology. But we didn’t want to stop there. Today the young media company has grown from those two parts to four pillars that brought forth Pushkar Travel, Technoify India,CafeIn and Haryanacircle.com.

Peddler Media There’s a small and growing group of people who take a special interest in original stories for local businesses as well as in advertising, live events, and more.

peddlermedia.in founding goal

Our Dream is to build independent journalism on pop culture for media news and entertainments. PMN India is on mission to inspire beyond the ordinary sports, culture and lifestyle entertainment.


For 4 years, PMN’s readers have turned to us for youth-minded coverage of the things that matter. Our reporting and commentary on Entertainment and pop culture draw a loyal and engaged audience of millions of readers, viewers, and listeners.

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Mohit Rana 
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