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    Do You Know Vishal Haryana Movement?


    The Vishal Haryana movement was a crucial awakening that aimed to bring about a reformation within the borders of Haryana and establish it as a separate state, detached from Punjab. This movement commenced after the partition of Punjab and Haryana in 1966.

    The Division and Unfulfilled Expectations:

    In 1966, Punjab was divided into separate states, and Haryana emerged as an independent state. However, during the Vishal Haryana movement, there were certain regions like Mohali district and the area of Firozpur Abhor in Punjab that were expected to be included in Haryana. Unfortunately, these regions were left with Punjab.

    The Historical Background:

    The genesis of Haryana dates back to 1858 when it was separated from western Uttar Pradesh and merged with Punjab. Despite this historical merger, the Vishal Haryana movement included other regions like Shekhawati and Bagar in Rajasthan, where the Haryanvi language was spoken. The objective of the movement was to merge all these regions and create a vast state of Haryana.

    The Triumph of the Vishal Haryana Movement:

    The Vishal Haryana movement gained extensive public support, eventually leading to the establishment of Haryana as a separate state, detached from Punjab, in 1966. The people believed that the division of Haryana would provide better opportunities for its development and progress.

    Elevating Haryana’s Identity and Achievements:

    The Vishal Haryana movement has significantly strengthened the pride and identity of Haryana. Through this movement, Haryana has achieved remarkable milestones in terms of its development and progress. Today, Haryana is recognized as an exemplary state that has witnessed remarkable advancements in sports, arts, literature, and cultural heritage.

    Socio-Economic Progress and Development:

    The Vishal Haryana movement has not only brought about reforms in the geographical boundaries of Haryana but also witnessed significant progress in its economic development, agriculture, and education sectors. Haryana has now established itself as a progressive and developed state, earning accolades for its contributions to higher education and industrial development.

    Empowerment and Initiatives:

    The Vishal Haryana movement has played a vital role in the population growth of Haryana, addressing issues of unemployment, women’s empowerment, and rural development. Through this movement, the public safeguarded their rights and presented their demands to the government.

    The Legacy of the Vishal Haryana Movement:

    As a result of the Vishal Haryana movement, Haryana has successfully carved its identity as an autonomous and progressive state. This movement has made significant contributions to Haryana’s development plans, political processes, and social transformations.

    Inspiring Transformation and Resilience:

    Based on the ideals and struggles of the movement, the people of Haryana have built their military and economic strength. Today, Haryana is renowned as an industrial and agriculture-oriented state, playing a crucial role in the fight against poverty in the country.


    The Vishal Haryana movement has established Haryana as an independent and progressive state, strengthening its local identity. This movement has empowered the people and instilled in them the enthusiasm to protect their rights. Haryana continues to march forward on its journey of growth and prosperity.


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