Privacy Policy

This section includes the privacy policy of Peddler Media ( in detail. This explains & clarifies our use, retention, storage, collection and every activity that might include your personal information too. 

We recommend you to read and go through the Privacy Policy of Peddler Media ( in detail.

It is advisable to go through the Privacy Policy of Peddler Media ( before using the hints website.


  • At Peddler Media ( your privacy, personal information, and trust is important to us. This privacy policy will explain to you how we collect, handle, use and keep your information or data secured while using it for our services. Peddler Media ( refers to itself as ‘we’, ‘our’ & ‘us’. 
  • This detailed privacy policy also describes in detail how you can raise your concerns and contact us for any kind of query. This privacy policy of Peddler Media ( is directly applicable to the users of Peddler Media (, be it active users or inactive ones. 
  • Our privacy policy in no way applies to any third party who uses or collects your personal data or information for their services. For search concerns you may contact the third parties directly. 
  • Since we already made it clear that your privacy and personal information is important to us hence we believe you have the right and you should know no about how we use it or are going to use it in future. By accepting our privacy policy and terms and conditions you are igreen to you the same.
  • We advise you to go through you and read the privacy policy of Peddler Media ( thoroughly.
  • If you do not want it or feel comfortable sharing your aur data with us we suggest you to strictly avoid using the services of Peddler Media ( Because if you don’t do so and use our service you are eventually agreeing to our privacy policy. 


  • We save your personal information from your interaction with us be it on emails, direct messages, comments or texts. 
  • We automatically collect the information about your internet connection, current device, IP address, time zone, browser plugin details, and browser type. Other than this, we collect the information about the browser you use to visit or use the website, time spent browsing on Peddler Media (, page response time, clicks, and the pages you viewed. 
  • This information and collected data help us know the preference of Earth users and availability of content which needs adult consent to the users.
  • Directly and automatically collected information includes usage detail, IP Address, information through cookies and other technologies.


  • We collect and save your account information which includes your full name, email address, user id, postal code, password, gender and contact number.
  • As already mentioned, your preferences are saved by us. For instance your time zone, or preferred language.
  • Your actions for example likes, comments, shares, favourites and more are known to us. Any other information on your account can also be saved and used.
  • Your activity on the internet including your last search and selected answers are recorded. 
  • Your history with us which include the time span you have been using our services from and which advertisements and stories attracted you the most.
  • Your preferences or answers as you participate in our polls, quizzes, surveys or contests. 
  • The comments or likes you share on our services might be used by any one and who solely are responsible for that.


  • We at Peddler Media ( have access to information about your device that you use to use or visit our services, no matter you are registered or not with us. 
  • We keep the information about your area, traffic, clicks, time zone, preferred language and more saved that you access through us.
  • Information and data about your internet connection, using device, IP address, browsing platform, operating system, device type, telephone number and network connection is save the with us.
  • Sometime we also so may have the metadata or information (photow, videos, audios & personal contact list) save in your mobile phones or devices which you use to visit or use our services. 
  • The uniform resource locator (URL) of the last web page that you visited before visiting or using our service is also recorded.
  • The unique mobile device identifier or IDs of other devices is secured with us which is used to recognize you when you visit us again. Advertising companies use these IDS for the purpose to analysing the performance of the ads fixed and showing you the ones you are more interested in.
  • Your activity on the website is recorded like your searches, domain name, result selected, and time spent on our platform.


  • We and the third parties we are in collaboration with might use your information cookies, pixel tags, web beacons, IDs, or other forms of technologies to store and collect information about you.

According to Wikipedia, HTTP cookies are small blocks of data created by a web server while a user is browsing a website and placed on the user’s computer or other device by the user’s web browser. Cookies are placed on the device used to access a website, and more than one cookie may be placed on a user’s device during a session.

  • Some browsers allow to disable some cookies but there are some which automatically allow the use of cookies. There are various cookie setting which you might go through on your device. 
  • By agreeing to the Privacy Policy you are are also agreeing to let the advertisers connected to us also use your cookies or information saved about you.


  • The information that we save about you is used to know you better so that we can serve with what exactly you like. It also helps us to improove and analyse the content we provide to our users.
  • To avoid frauds and fake accounts, we prefer to keep a check on your identity so that there is no harm to us or you. 
  • Make us and our advertisers aware about your likes which help us show you ads which you’d like.
  • Generate and review reports to analyse the user base and service usage patterns.


  • We may or may not share your information with our advertisers, subsidiaries, and team.
  • We may help the third parties to know about your preferences so that they can advertise accordingly and in favour of maximum choices.
  • Your information is shared with networks which help us reach out to you for pop ups, notification, emails and more.
  • We will/have to share the information about or collected from you if some legal aur authority needs it for any kind of investigation to comply with any legal action or process.
  • If you log in or register with us using your social media handles like Facebook, then your account details are automatically saved which are used to recognize you and figure out your preferences.
  • We do share your information with third parties to build business or other useful deeds making sure that there is no harm to your privacy or information. This is done according to the permit of Privacy Policy and Data Protection.
  • We may share your data with third parties or businesses with your prior consent.


  • We send you pop ups, emails or notifications, if you subscribe to your regular updates, newsletter or anything. And you can easily unsubscribe to all this from your email preference settings.
  • The data and information we save about or collect from  you is secured with us, but if you still find anything to talk about you can directly contact Peddler Media (


  • Your information with us is secured so that noone can misuse is and have unauthorised access on it. Your data is encrypted and protected by firewall. 
  • We keep your data and information about you secured, but you need to keep your information safe and avoid sharing it with anyone.


  • Your data or information about you that we save or collect is retained till it’s required. Later, we might use it sometimes to use your data to analyse, research or to make reports. 


  • Ideally you should be 18 years or above to register or use or visit our website Peddler Media ( If under 18, you must use the website under the supervision of your parents or any adult guardian. 


Peddler Media ( reserves all rights to change, completely dissolve or make amendments in this Privacy Policy. And the Policy is in action as soon as it’s available on the official website. If you’re a registered user, or visiting our website or using our services in any manner, you are directly or indirectly bound to our Privacy Policy and agreeing to the same.


In case we find any action which is harmful or not following the terms & conditions of Peddler Media (, we may terminate your access to our content and services of Peddler Media (