7 Soldiers Dead After Vehicle Carrying 26 Falls Into River In Ladakh

Seven soldiers were killed when a vehicle carrying them skidded off the road and rolled down into a gorge near Shyok river in Ladakh on Friday, officials said.

“A party of 26 soldiers was moving from the Transit Camp in Partapur to a forward location in Sub Sector Hanif. At approximately 9 am, around 25 km from Thoise, the vehicle skidded off the road and fell in Shyok river (to a depth of approximately 50-60 ft), resulting in injuries to all occupants,” an army spokesperson said.

The rescue operation was carried out swiftly and all the soldiers were evacuated to a field hospital in Partapur, they said.

“Seven individuals have been declared fatal so far. There are grievous injuries to others as well. Dedicated efforts are underway to ensure that the best medical care is provided to the injured, including requisition of air effort from the Air Force to shift the more serious casualties to Western Command,” they said.

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