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    7 Songs By Sidhu Moosewala That Were Not About Guns, Violence Or Politics

    If you’re a Sidhu Moosewala fan, then you probably know more songs than the ones mentioned in this list, if you’re just fairly acquainted with his name, chances are you too believed that the Punjabi singer, who managed to get love from international artists like Drake only promoted gun culture, violence and politics through his music.

    Contrary to popular belief, sometimes a certain narrative gets stuck with a person’s name and as they say, half knowledge is more dangerous that no knowledge at all, it’s only fair to actually know that the song writer wrote many songs in his short career, and a lot of them were about love, family and loneliness. As he said, ‘dil da ni maada, tera Sidhu Moosewala’, here are 7 super hit songs which were not about guns, or violence:

    1. Sohne Lagde

    Probably one of the nicest songs by Sidhu, this one talks about a girl explaining to a guy why she thinks they look perfect together and hence he should be with her. This was a big hit for wedding performances as well.

    2. Regret

    The song talks about how one should not break someone’s heart deliberately as that will lead to a lot of heartache and regret later.

    3. Dear Mama

    Sidhu had time and again explained how he was extremely close to his parents and hence he wanted to live with them all his life. This song was for his mother where he’s talking about how he realizes sometimes that he’s a lot like her. Beautifully penned.

    4. Bapu

    As the name suggests, this one was dedicated to his father where he sings about all that he owes to him and how he wants to take care of him.

    5. I Am Better Now

    This one is a mature take on love and breaking up and talks about moving on in life after realizing some things are better when they end.

    6. Aj Kal Ve

    Another song about lovers in distress who cannot live without each other. The lyrics are about a woman expressing her desire to be with the one she loves and how life is difficult without his presence.

    7. It’s All About You

    The song is about wooing a lover and letting them know how their life is actually all about them.  

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