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Amritpal stayed in the Gurudwara of Hoshiarpur in March, ran away with Pappalpreet on 28

Waris Punjab De chief and Khalistan supporter Amritpal may be out of police custody, but new revelations are happening every day about him. According to solid police sources, the investigation has revealed that Amritpal and Papal Preet had come to Punjab on March 27 and stayed at a gurudwara in Hoshiarpur. Both had left there on 28 March.

On March 31, the Punjab Police arrested a loyal aide of Khalistan supporter Amritpal Singh. The name of this companion of Amritpal is Joga. Police arrested him from Ludhiana. The police are currently questioning him. It is being told that Joga was with Amritpal when he ran away. Amritpal told Joga to switch on his mobile phone and then ran away. Punjab Police was tracking Joga’s mobile phone and on that basis was tracking Amritpal’s location. Joga is located in the Sonewal area near Ludhiana. If sources are to be believed then Amritpal is hiding in Punjab only. He could be hiding in area 10 to 15 kilometers from the area from where Amritpal had fled.

Amritpal Singh is absconding since March 18. According to security agencies, he is constantly changing locations. If sources are to be believed, he is planning to flee to Pakistan. His last location was found in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh. The search operation is going on there too. Along with this, in Punjab also, the police are conducting a campaign in search of Amritpal and his accomplice Pappalpreet Singh.

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