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Bigg Boss 16 Day 63 Updates

At the point when the world gets into the soul of ‘Express gratitude toward God it’s Friday’, the housemates of Varieties’ Bigg Supervisor 16 fear the dish by the ‘Dabangg’ have Salman Khan. The day starts with some exacting mudslinging promising an exciting and engaging end of the week. This week, Salman Khan as well as a few super devotees of the show will be seen scrutinizing the housemates on their way of behaving. To find out, what answers the fans request, continue to watch ‘Bigg Supervisor 16’ on Varieties.

Going with the custom of uncovering the genuine characters of the housemates through an errand, ‘Bigg Supervisor’s declares the ‘mud task’, wherein a TV is kept in the nursery region, on the screen the name of a competitor and an assertion made against them by the housemates is shown. The contender needs to figure which housemate has expressed this about them. Some severe hard-to-process bits of insight are uncovered through this game and a few major battles occur because of this game. Tina, Soundarya, and Priyanka endure the worst part of this errand. For both Tina and Soundarya, it is uncovered that Archana not just talked about the demise of Tina’s canine yet additionally about Soundarya being in the game to turn into a piece of the entertainment world. Tina and Soundarya toss mud at Archana’s face and discuss her discourteous and harmful assertions.

At the point when Priyanka’s turn comes, it is uncovered that Ankit has shared with Soundarya that Priyanka just needs to discuss the game and doesn’t pay attention to him more often than not. This profoundly influences Priyanka, and she begins shouting at Ankit and when Soundarya attempts to intercede, she shouts at her as well. Priyanka blames Ankit for never grasping her and this prompts a monstrous aftermath between the two. The show encompassing this game doesn’t end, as host Salman Khan additionally barbecues Ankit and Priyanka about their battle. Khan lets Priyanka know that when Ankit doesn’t consent to what she is talking about and she attempts to persuade him, that appears to be Priyanka being domineering and compressing Ankit to discuss an issue that he doesn’t consent to.

The host then, at that point, proceeds to interrogate Tina regarding her way of behaving this week. Recently, Tina had wouldn’t cut her birthday cake with housemates as she is annoyed with Shiv and his posse for breaking her trust and giving the captaincy to Nimrit. Reality disclosures don’t end here, as Salman Khan welcomes some ‘No-nonsense BB fans’ onto the stage and they examine their preferences about the show and poses a few intense inquiries to the challengers. How might the housemates respond to the charges marked against them by the super fans?

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