Billa Sonipat Ala Takes Haryanvi to the Future

In the ever-changing world of Haryanvi music, Billa Sonipat Ala is paving the way for a new era. After their song “Yaaran Gail” reached over 3 million views on YouTube in just 2 weeks, and has been streamed more than 200 million times worldwide, they are back with another smashing hit. With a vision to take Haryanvi music into the future and bring it up to date with current trends in Bollywood and other

In the song, Billa Sonipat Ala talks about how Haryanvi lifestyle is so much different from other places. He also describes that it’s not easy to be away from his friends and family members in the song which has some deep lyrics. This latest track was composed by Guri Nimana, who has previously worked with singers like Diljit Dosanjh, Gippy Gupta etc., written by Ricky Rapria & Shekhar Salaria and directed by them

Looking at this song it is released under white hill dhaakaad on YouTube and it is also available on various other music platforms so you enjoy this song anytime. in this song singer has been seen dancing with various steps to keep audience engaging with music and it would also make you feel to get on the dance floor or just tune with good music vibe.

This song would have been incomplete if it was used without the video because the video completely match the lyrics as the lyrics is all about positivity and high vision of life. even if person listening for the first time get the positive vibes of it and develops positive mood of energy and good feeling.

So, if person listening the music the beginning will be quiet cool hip hop but as the song proceeds it will be more and more energetic, so one can’t keep their feet still. and it gives energy to pump yourself in positive manner

### BILLA SONIPAT ALA takes Haryanvi to the Future.

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