Know what is Conspiracy to eliminate government schools from Chirag Yojana


Chirag scheme has been started by the Haryana government in the education department in the state. The teachers of the state have taken to the streets against this scheme. The Haryana School Association has opposed this scheme and demanded its withdrawal. A leader of the teachers’ union said that government schools would be closed due to this scheme.

Under this scheme, children from families having annual income of less than one lakh 80 thousand rupees, studying in government schools, will be provided free education from class II to XII in private schools.

Actually, the Haryana government will provide financial assistance under the Chirag scheme to the children of the economically weaker sections of the state to get admission to private schools. The state government has planned Mukhyamantri Equal Education Relief, Assistance and Grant for children from class II to XII to study in private recognized schools.

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