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    Dhanteras 2022: Know Why dhanteras is celebrated and its importance

    Dhanteras marks the beginning of the Diwali festivities. This year Dhanteras will be celebrated on October 23, 2022. Dhanteras, also known as Dhantrayodashi is celebrated along with Trayodashi Tithi (Thirteenth tithi), Krishna Paksha (waning phase of the Moon) of Kartik Maas.

    Story behind the celebrationAccording to Hindu mythology, Lord Dhanvantari Ji is the 12th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Dhanteras is celebrated on the same day as the Trayodashi of Kartik month.

    Lord Dhanvantari Dev is also known as the father of Ayurveda.

    In the Skanda Purana, it has been told about the birth of Lord Dhanvantari, that he was born from the churning of the ocean. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi was born on the new moon day coinciding with the date of Lord Dhanvantari and for this reason, Dhanteras is celebrated before Diwali and it is also celebrated as the birthday of Lord Dhanvantari on Dhanteras.

    Importance to DhanterasSome people believe that the real significance of Dhanteras is the purchase of gold and silver. But its importance is much more than money, gold, silver, and jewellery. Lights are seen everywhere on this day. New dishes are prepared in every house. Along with Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Kuber is worshipped on the day of Dhanteras. It is believed that Lord Kubera is the god of wealth and by worshipping him, he becomes happy and makes a person wealthy.

    It is believed that buying gold and silver jewellery or new utensils can protect you and your family members from any disease. Buying metal on Dhanteras is also said to bring luck, wealth, and prosperity to the house.

    Dhanteras 2022: Puja Timing, Tithi, and Shubh Muhurat

    According to Drik Panchang, the mahurat for the celebration and offerings of Dhanteras are as follows:

    Trayodashi Tithi Starts- 6:02 pm (Saturday 22 October 2022).

    Trayodashi Tithi Ends- 6:03 pm (Sunday 23 October 2022).

    Pradosh Kaal Starts- 5:45 pm.

    Pradosh Kaal Ends- 8:17 pm.


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