Do you know about Diler Singh Kharakiya’s latest instagram post? If not then scroll below.

Diler Singh kharakiya has always been in the highlights of the media. He has a lot of supporters and loving fans. He is mostly active on Instagram and has 760M+ followers. With his hard work and humble attitude, his name is always on the lips of the people. Recently, He shares an amazing video of his fan on his Instagram handle.

The video was of a concert where he was performing and the audience went crazy over his talent of singing. His fans really enjoyed and supporting him.

As he started singing the song, his fans started cheering him up by screaming his name. All of them their flashlight on and all the camera was on Diler Singh. By seeing this video of his supporters, we can clearly see how much his fans have for him. Especially, his females’ fans were dancing and hooting all her heart out. Which really showed the love and respect they have for him. Diler Singh’s songs are always super fun and are looking forward to them.

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