Duroflex Recruits India’s Finest Artists For ‘Sounds of Sleep 2.0’

Adding a contemporary twist to classic lullabies, Duroflex returns with the second season of Sounds of Sleep. Featuring India’s favorite artists Armaan Malik, Arko Mukherjee, Mahalaxmi Iyer and Siddharth Mahadevan, this season’s lullabies celebrate the diversity of our culture and linguistics in four languages-Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Telugu.

Indian pop star Armaan Malik kicks off the season with “Nindiya Re.” Co-created by Malik, the lullaby rests on a mellow flute melody, narrating a dialogue between sleep and the sleeper. Sung in the singer’s dulcet vocal range, the sleep song is reminiscent of his childhood memories of falling asleep to loris sung by his mother. 

Arko Mukherjee’s “Aye Ghum” joins the setlist next. Inspired by Bengali folklore, the lullaby describes a sweet and pleasant slumber experience. “Duroflex’s Sound of Sleep is such a unique concept,” comments Mukherjee, “‘Aye Ghum’ took me back to the time when I was lulled to sleep by my grandmum. I want you all to experience the same nostalgia and calmness as I did while singing it.” 

Mahalaxmi Iyer’s soulful Tamil lullaby “Thaalaattu,” instantly relaxes listeners, ushering them into a realm of sheer relaxation. Delivered in Iyer’s mellifluous vocalization, the track is composed to transport you to a world of enchantment with its nostalgic melody and playful tune.

A sweet conversation between the sleeper and the glowing moon, Siddharth Mahadevan’s Telugu lullaby “Jaabili,” explains the relationship between the serenity of the moon and sleep. As the track progresses, we get to hear more from the sleeper, who sweetly tells the moon to shine in the sky and not lose its beautiful light as the night feels empty without the moon’s radiance.

“This season of Sounds of Sleep has been extremely special for us as it’s our first original lullaby compositions that we’ve been able to present to the people of India,” comments Smita Murarka, Chief Marketing Officer, Duroflex. “With Sounds of Sleep 2.0 we’ve been able to successfully reach out to a large number of consumers and attain the vision we had to help India sleep better. We aim to return next year with even better and stronger campaign and support our audience in offering them healthy sleep.”

Duroflex Sounds of Sleep 2.0 is a contemporary ode to the oldest known sleep aid – lullabies. The vocabulary of the lullabies is a blend of a modern and nostalgic sound. Apart from the brand’s channels it can also be seen on an OTT platform, Sony Liv. 

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