Farmani Naaz

Fans were happy to hear Haryanvi’s song in the voice of Farmani Naaz

Farmani Naaz remains a YouTube sensation these days. First of all, by singing songs full of Shiv Bhakti then patriotism, entertained the fans a lot. Now a video of him has surfaced, in which Haryana’s famous dancer Sapna Choudhary has given voice to the song Solid Body. If Sapna had forced the audience to dance to this song, then you would definitely be struck by the simple style of the decree.

There is a long list of famous Haryanvi songs of Sapna Chaudhary, but the song ‘Solid Body’ also became very viral on social media. This superhit song of Sapna has been sung by Farmani Naaz in her own voice. Farmani has sung this song in her own voice, and you will not feel that it is not a Haryanvi tone.

Believe, that listening to this song in the voice of Farmani Naaz will make your day. Farmani has sung the song ‘Solid Body’ in such a cool way that you are sure to enjoy listening to it. By simply singing on the beats of the dholak without any music on the background, Farmani has tied the knot. When Farmani’s companion Bhura played the dholak, Farmani sang with a smile.

Listening to this Haryanvi song of Farmani Naaz, the fans are praising her and giving her blessings. Somebody remembered the old days after listening to this song. Not only this, but people are also liking the voice of Farmani. It is clear from this that Farmani can sing all kinds of songs.

Let us tell you that Farmani Naaz has been a part of the famous reality singing show ‘Indian Idol’. Had the son’s health not deteriorated, perhaps Farmani’s story would have been different today. During the show itself, his son’s health had deteriorated, due to which he had to leave the show midway.

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