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    Gajender Phogat Biography 2024

    In this post on Haryana Artist Identity, We are going to tell you about an artist who is called current wire. Because the energy on their stage is like a current. The whole summon is to be tied to your dance with your song. Artists who have revered the Haryanvi language wholeheartedly to Bollywood. Kal Raat Mata ka email song (Guddu Rangalila) very popular. We are talking about Haryana superstar Gajendar Phogat ji.

    In this post, we have come from Gajender Phogat’s biography,  Gajender Phogat’s songs from his childhood.
    The journey of becoming and he has faced Chinese difficulties to reach this point that he is going to tell all. How a boy from a small village of Haryana played his talent in Bollywood and Videos. This in itself is a commendable compliment. In this post, we are going to tell the biography of  Gajender Phogat, the songs of  Gajender Phogat, and every little thing related to them.


    Gajender Phogat was born on 28 February 1977 in a Jat family of village Milakpur in Jhajjar district, Haryana. His family did not have any connection with music far and wide, but he says that the talent finds its way on its own and the singing talent finds Gajender

    The artist was hidden in him since childhood, singing and dancing songs Gajender loved since childhood, but because father was an engineer and a person associated with the village, it was considered a good job to play the songs and to sing the song of Gajender at all. Did not like

    Gajendra’s studies were in Jhajjar, he was very unhappy to play basketball, then he did not pay much attention to his studies and used to play basketball, in the 9th class, he won the medal in the state level, but the father wanted his son to grow up and become a doctor. Gajendar got medical treatment

    Where was Gajendra’s mind going to study like he had finished his studies and started playing basketball at the national level in this college, he completed his MA with physical education, now the family started to take pressure, so the Jats taught children for two years in school. After that too, he recognized the hidden skills inside him and thought of making a career in music itself.
    Gajendra Phogat was born into a Jat family. His father was an engineer. Gajendar has an elder sister who always supported Gajendar and inspired him to continue in life. Gajender is married to his college love Seema Phogat who is currently He is working as a professor. He is a professor in a college in Rohtak. Gajendra Phogat also has a son named Aarav Phogat.
    No one in Gajendar’s entire family has any connection with music, but he had this skill since childhood, he used to sing in prayer in school as well as sing hymns in the morning at home but never in his mind that he had to become a singer. Or to make a career in this line,
    Secondly, the father did not have to play the song at all, but Gajendar could not remove the music from within, when he was in college, he used to participate in the singing competition, in this context, he once attended a function organized by the college in Kurukshetra. First place and Gajendar realized that he can do something good in the field of music and he can make his career in this line.

    Gajendar’s Phogat

    Gajendra Phogat released his album in 1996, whose name was Hello Angoori, this album was not so successful and his father did not support him at all, after this Gajendra kept on coming short songs but he did not succeed after that. I also participated in an upcoming singing show on metro
    Bappi Lahiri was the famous singer in this show, Bappi Lahiri was very appreciative of Gajendar and he was also the winner of this show. After this, Gajendar gave that song, due to which he got the position for which he is known today, this song was Yo Pani Aakhya Kya This song proved to be superhit when his father heard this song, he praised Gajendar’s skill for the first time And after this Gajendar gave full support just after this, Gajendar Phogat never looked back and gave successful songs one after the other.
    Today, the Haryanvi music industry has become very big, many new artists have come and are making a name for it, but it would not be unfair to give credit to Gajendra Phogat for advancing Haryanvi music 15-20 years from today, only due to artists like Gajendra Phogat. Music of Haryana has reached every corner of the world
    Gajendra Phogat has traveled from a small village in Haryana to Bollywood, in the 2015 Bollywood film Guddu Rangeela (Guddu rangeela), Gajendra gave a superhit song Mata ka Email which was acted by Arshad Warsi. The song was a super hit.
    If you want to see the true nature of Gajendra Phogat, then there is no such artist in Haryana to see him on the stage show, to be able to beat him on-stage show, he is so full of energy that even dead people die with their singing. They tie the whole sama with their dance and make people dance.
    Gajendra is invited to different programs and has been involved in many cultural events in Haryana and he is probably the only artist from Haryana who will stage shows live shows all over the world. Whatever big country you will name Gajendra. You have done a stage show there, that is why you can find this artist’s face.



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