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    Are You Ready to Transform Your Farming? Join the Haryana Agriculture Fair 2023!

    The Haryana Agriculture Development Fair 2023, scheduled to be held from October 8th to 10th, is set to provide farmers with comprehensive information from seeds to the market. This three-day event is organized by Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University in Hisar, Haryana, in collaboration with various agricultural institutions. The fair aims to educate farmers about new agricultural technologies, ways to increase profits from farming, and how to overcome agricultural challenges.

    Key Highlights of the Haryana Agriculture Development Fair 2023:

    1. Exhibition by Agricultural Companies: The fair will feature participation from seed companies, fertilizer producers, pesticide manufacturers, and agricultural machinery companies. Farmers will have the opportunity to learn about different agricultural tools, machinery, and their usage.
    2. Expert Advice: Renowned agricultural scientists will provide in-depth information about advanced farming techniques and strategies. They will share insights on practices related to “Shri Annapurna,” a successful farming initiative.
    3. Lucky Draw: Farmers attending the fair will also have a chance to participate in a lucky draw and win prizes.
    4. Showcasing Cutting-Edge Technology: The fair will showcase the latest agricultural equipment, innovative seeds, and new farming technologies.
    5. Cultural Programs: In addition to agricultural exhibits, the fair will host cultural programs to celebrate Haryanvi culture.
    6. Seed Purchase: Farmers can purchase advanced seeds of various crops at the fair, in addition to other agricultural inputs like fertilizers and pesticides.
    7. Information Sharing: The fair will provide farmers with access to agricultural literature and information on biofertilizers, in addition to advanced seeds.
    8. Field Crops Display: Visitors will have the opportunity to see the results of research and experimentation on Kharif crops conducted at the university’s research farm.
    9. Soil and Water Testing: Farmers will have access to soil and water testing facilities at the fair, helping them make informed decisions for their farms.

    The Haryana Agriculture Development Fair 2023 aims to empower farmers with knowledge, technology, and resources to improve their agricultural practices and enhance their livelihoods. The fair will be held at the Agricultural Fair Ground, Gate No. 3, Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, Haryana. For more information, farmers can contact the toll-free number 1800-180-2117 or visit the official website of the Haryana Agriculture Department at

    This event serves as a valuable platform for farmers to stay updated with the latest advancements in agriculture, enabling them to make informed choices and increase their productivity and income.


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