Haryanvi artist had murdered his father along with his lover, after four years, Rajfash

In Jind, the case of the death of Haryana artist Kajal Dahiya’s father has been exposed. Haryanvi artist had strangled his father to death four years ago along with his lover. Rajesh was accused of the murder of a couple in Kaithal exposed during remand.

The accused, who killed the couple with a knife in Kaithal, has confessed to another murder. In the city of Jind, the girlfriend of the Haryanvi artist’s father was murdered. The girlfriend, Rajesh and another person were also involved in this murder conspiracy. The Haryanvi artist had also performed the rites by telling the police the normal death of the father.

Four years after the death of Haryanvi artist Kajal Dahiya’s father Ramchandra on Bhiwani Road in Jind city. Kajal Dahiya had cremated her father’s death at that time due to cardiac arrest, without conducting a post-mortem. Now when his lover Rajesh, resident of village Dohar in Kaithal district, was taken on remand by the CIA staff Kaithal in connection with the murder of agent Satyavan and his wife Kailasho Devi, he exposed it.

He is living in a live-in-relationship with Haryanvi artist Kajal Dahiya for the last seven-eight years. Kavita is kept by his first wife while Kajal is keeping Dahiya in a rented room at another location in Kaithal. Earlier Kajal Dahiya lived with her father Ramchandra on Bhiwani Road in Jind. His father Ramchandra remained a hindrance in their relationship. Therefore, after planning with Kajal Dahiya, in October 2017, along with Krishna, a resident of his fellow village Mandi Khurd Jind, he strangled her to death at home.

Father’s heart failure was cited as the cause of death

After that Kajal Dahiya told the people that her father Ramchandra died due to cardiac arrest and cremated without conducting a post-mortem. After this Kajal Dahiya started living with him in Kaithal. Kajal did not allow that matter to reach the police.

Murder and dead body case

City police station in-charge Dinesh Kumar said that the disclosure report has been received from Kaithal police. After being exposed in the disclosure report, the Kaithal police informed the city police station about Ramchandra’s death. On the basis of which the city police station started an investigation by registering a case against artist Kajal Dahiya, her lover Rajesh, resident of Kaithal, Krishna resident of village Mandi under various sections including murder, burying the dead body.

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