Saturday, December 2, 2023

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    In Haryana, women rejected the decision of Purush Panchayat

    In Ridhau of Sonipat district, on Sunday, women belonging to the Scheduled Castes called a panchayat in the village’s chaupal. This panchayat was done because 3 days ago the men had asked the women sweety of the general category to nominate unanimously after doing the panchayat.

    On this, the women said that a woman sarpanch has to be made in the village. Despite this, it was not considered appropriate to ask women in the men’s panchayat, nor were women called.

    In such a situation, now the women of the Scheduled Castes have unanimously declared the name of Rakhi for the post of Sarpanch by doing Panchayat. He says that Rakhi has been a participant in the happiness and sorrow of the women of the village.

    His family has contributed in arranging drinking water. Whether it is a sewing center or other needs of the villagers, he has made a special contribution in fulfilling all.

    The women said in one voice that they would no longer accept the decisions being imposed by men. If there is a consensus to make a woman sarpanch, then the decision should be taken by asking women only.

    Some villagers said – this conspiracy so that there is no consensus

    This time the post of Sarpanch in village Ridhau is reserved for women. Not all women agree with the decisions taken by the men in the village. In such a situation, one thing is certain the entire village did not agree on one name and if more than one nomination is filed, then voting is certain.

    Whereas in Ridhau, it was unanimously decided to make Sarpanch. Some villagers say that the women’s panchayat is a conspiracy so there is no consensus in the village. At the same time, it is believed that efforts will be made to create a consensus in the village and a Panchayat may be held soon.

    A large number of women reached the panchayat. She said that she would not accept the decision taken regarding the women’s sarpanch in the men’s panchayat. In rural areas, it is understood that if women take decisions by doing panchayat, then it will be insulting to men, but now it will not work.

    Women recognize their rights and know that the decisions taken by men while electing Sarpanch have violated the rights of women. Now this will not be allowed to happen. The woman said, ‘This post is ours. We will take the decision. If the village has to make a consensus, then make it, otherwise, you will win your candidate by vote.


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