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    Top 10 Places for Home Decor Shopping in Jaipur: A Shopper’s Paradise

    Jaipur, known as the Pink City, boasts a rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is also a shopper’s paradise, offering numerous options for home decor enthusiasts.

    In this guide, we will take you on a tour of the top 10 places for home decor shopping in Jaipur, where you can find unique and exquisite pieces to adorn your home.

    1. Nila House

    Nila House is a non-profit initiative that celebrates India’s traditional craft heritage. Working to build a sustainable and empowered community, Nila House excels at preserving the country’s oldest craft-making processes. Here, you can find authentic and beautifully crafted pieces that showcase India’s rich artistic traditions.

    2. Ecru

    Ecru, founded by Lebanese designer Nur Kaoukji, is a treasure trove of home decor, homewares, and apparel collections. Blending the art and craft tradition of the Middle East with Indian artisanship, this store offers a unique and harmonious collection of items, from cotton napkins adorned with date palm trees to marble candle stands inspired by Rub el Hizb.

    3. Makaan

    Makaan, the brainchild of ace designer and chef Tahir Sultan, is a lifestyle haven in Jaipur. With a focus on both beauty and practicality, Makaan showcases contemporary statement pieces, including embroidered cushions, bespoke candles, handcrafted crockery, and khadi towels, all designed to add a touch of elegance to your home.

    4. Hot Pink

    Hot Pink, nestled within the Narain Niwas Palace, is a store that proudly displays brands with authentic Indian artisanship. With a brilliant collection that showcases Indian craftsmanship and Rajasthan artistry, Hot Pink offers a diverse range of clothing choices for men, women, and kids, along with home decoration items and accessories.

    5. Idli by Thierry Journo

    Idli, now located in C-Scheme, celebrates the union of French aesthetics and Indian art and crafts. Here, you can find men’s and women’s clothing, cushions, crockery, hand-crafted furnishings, and carpets, among other things. Idli offers a decor shopping experience that is both elegant and exquisite.

    6. AnanTaya

    AnanTaya is a globally recognized lifestyle design studio established by designer Ayush Kasliwal and architect Geetanjali Kasliwal. Their products have received the UNESCO seal of excellence three times, thanks to their sustainable practices and contemporary designs. From clothing to furniture, AnanTaya’s collection is a must-visit for decor enthusiasts in Jaipur.

    7. Good Earth

    Good Earth is one of India’s leading home decor stores, known for its fine handcrafted objects that add a touch of timelessness to your home. With a commitment to authentic natural raw materials, original designs, and skilled craftsmanship, Good Earth’s eccentric designs tell stories and contribute to a sustainable future.

    8. Saroj Art Gallery Jaipur

    For art connoisseurs and antique enthusiasts, Saroj Art Gallery is a treasure trove of collectibles and vintage pieces. Chetan Nowlakha, the owner, has a keen eye for antiques collected from all over the world. With a wide range of products catering to every taste, it’s recommended to make an appointment before visiting the store.

    9. Anokhi

    Anokhi is synonymous with hand-printed Indian and Western wear, with a significant role in the conservation and revival of traditional textile crafts. The store offers an array of beautifully crafted textiles and clothing, making it a must-visit for those who appreciate the art of block printing.

    10. Teatro Dhora

    Teatro Dhora is a stylish multi-brand store that exhibits the in-house lifestyle label Dhora alongside apparel by Vraj Bhoomi, beauty products by Ma Earth Botanicals, and an eclectic mix of accessories and home decor items. This store offers a unique blend of products for shoppers with diverse tastes.


    Jaipur, with its rich cultural heritage and thriving art scene, is a dream destination for home decor shopping. From traditional craft heritage to contemporary design, the city’s markets offer a diverse range of options to adorn your home with exquisite pieces.

    So, the next time you find yourself in the Pink City, don’t miss the opportunity to explore these top 10 places for home decor shopping and bring home a piece of Jaipur’s artistic legacy. Your home will thank you for it.


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