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Jind district’s population is growing very fast, beyond 15 lakhs

District of the population of three lakh 70 thousand reached beyond 15 lakh, know interesting figures about the district Facilities are not available according to the increasing population. The sewerage problem in the city is very serious.

There are no seats in schools and doctors in hospitals. According to which the population has increased, the district is not being prepared completely. In their place, e-rickshaws and autos have started running. There is no such road in the city where more than 100 vehicles do not pass in a minute. On Patiala Chowk and Gohana Road, this number is beyond 500. There is no parking facility in the city.

The crowd in the markets has increased so much that a person cannot go out on a bike from here. It can be difficult to go even on foot. When the district was carved out, people used to walk in tonga or rickshaws, but today tonga and rickshaws have completely disappeared from the city.

The district administration has selected 22 such villages where groundwater is very low. Here a provision has been made to give 100% subsidy to the farmers on drip irrigation.

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