Here Is Why KD Jagat Pardeshi Fight Is Trending On Youtube! Know All About The Controversy

KD & Jagat Pardeshi (Tau Jagtu)

These days a topic is trending a lot on YouTube in Haryana Haryanvi Singer Rapper KD and Jagat Pardeshi Controversy Do you know how the whole matter started

Haryanvi Singer and Rapper Kulbir Danoda aka KD have been caught in a controversy over allegations of assault. Jagat Pardeshi, National President of Haryanvi Music and Film Associations has accused him of assault.

Jagat Pardeshi told that on Tuesday 19th April he had gone to an event in Suncity, where Kulbir called him and asked him to come on the terrace of the hotel, where Kulbir along with his bouncers beat Jagat Pardeshi after that Calls threatened to Jagat Pardeshi kill is coming, after which Jagat Pardeshi’s car was stopped on April 20 and after showing him a pistol, it was told that if action is taken against KD, he will kill him.

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In his argument, Kulbir told that in the year 2016, Jagat Pardeshi had got an award show in Narnaund, which did not get any payment, apart from this Jagat Pardesi is uploading the videos of events on YouTube, due to which Kulbir’s YouTube channel got closed.

Apart from this, Pramila Dhillon had shared Kuber’s photo on the internet and wrote star campaigner Aam Aadmi Party, in whose comment Jagat Prakash writes, get 150000 from your store.

The fight is going on between the two, both are presenting their side, however, till now no response has been received from KD’s side.

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