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    KD Drops Exciting Teaser for “KHAMMA GHANI” Featuring Malika Kaliraman

    In the vibrant realm of Haryanvi music and entertainment, the announcement of KD’s upcoming song “KHAMMA GHANI” has sparked excitement and curiosity among fans and enthusiasts alike. Known for his dynamic presence in the industry, KD, one of the most celebrated Haryanvi rappers, is gearing up to release his latest musical creation featuring the popular Haryana social media personality, Malika Kaliraman.

    KD: The Iconic Haryanvi Rapper

    In the lively world of Haryanvi music and entertainment, the announcement of KD’s upcoming song “KHAMMA GHANI” has ignited excitement among fans. KD, a prominent Haryanvi rapper, is known for his unique style and powerful lyrics, garnering a dedicated fan base.

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    Malika Kaliraman: Haryana’s Social Media Sensation

    Malika Kaliraman, recognized for her influential presence on social media platforms, brings her star power to the forefront in KD’s upcoming song. With a large following and a keen eye for engaging content, Malika’s collaboration with KD promises to elevate the song’s appeal and reach.

    “KHAMMA GHANI”: An Anticipated Release

    “KHAMMA GHANI” is set to launch on May 10, 2024, exclusively on Nav Haryanvi. KD, who serves as the singer, lyricist, and composer of the track, promises an engaging musical experience. Ghanu Musics and the videographer orchestrate the music Hitesh crafts the visuals.

    Behind the Scenes: The Creative Team

    Kshitij Gupta leads the production of “KHAMMA GHANI,” ensuring the collaboration of talents committed to excellence. Nav Haryanvi, a renowned label, will promote the release across various platforms, amplifying its impact.

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    The Significance of Haryanvi Singer News

    In an era of regional music gaining widespread recognition, updates about Haryanvi singers like KD hold immense value. The fusion of traditional Haryanvi melodies with modern musical genres is not only enriching but also pivotal in preserving cultural heritage.

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    Conclusion: A Musical Journey Awaits

    As the countdown to “KHAMMA GHANI” begins, the excitement builds. KD’s collaboration with Malika Kaliraman promises a memorable musical experience for Haryanvi music enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned for the release on May 10, 2024.


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