LIFE before CHD ( intro to KRU172) Album Chandigarh Hottest Duo

A group of very old hip hop singers from Chandigarh( 2010) has a new song coming out which shows about the former place of Chandigarh. Their group is in singing since 2010. They’re are working with the DRS network. Navjosh Singh is the general manager of this company. This song refers to this place before Chandigarh ,and this group KRU172 works on Punjabi songs, bhangra, hip hop songs This is a song inspired by an old story of Chandigarh.

There used to be a Bhagat who used to do that Katha (storytelling) The akhara in village Madron would go on for 15 days. The singer Bhagat used to say To others, it might be a small village to me “This is the city of Patiala. The spot where the Sector 17/21 roundabout is. There was a halt for travellers who made their right next to a village called Rurki. It was called “Rurki ka parao”

Kharab Bhagat Asa ram (sohana) the said People, these villages are going to be desolated
People started saying, Bhagat has gone mad. Asaram prophesied this about at least 20 -30 years earlier.

That a city is going to be built here and that happened. This group KRU172 has written a song about the old place of Chandigarh. And this group gives very good musical content, And this song of his is very good which tells the old city from Chandigarh

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Youth commits suicide by hanging in Sonipat.

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