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    Miki Malang and Ron Likhari’s New Song “Khel” is Now Available on All 300+ Audio Streaming Platforms

    Miki Malang and Ron Likhari Release New Haryanvi Hip Hop Track “Khel”

    Haryanvi’s hip-hop scene is buzzing with excitement as Miki Malang drops his latest track “Khel,” featuring the talented Ron Likhari. With music by Shaitan, this track is now available on all audio streaming platforms.

    The Dynamic Duo: Miki Malang and Ron Likhari

    Miki Malang is a prominent figure in the Haryanvi music industry, known for his impactful lyrics and unique style. His ability to connect with the audience through his music sets him apart in the hip-hop scene. In “Khel,” Miki Malang brings his signature energy and authenticity, making the song a compelling listen.

    Miki Malang and Ron Likhari  Song Khel
    Miki Malang and Ron Likhari

    Ron Likhari, with his powerful vocals, adds a distinct flavour to the track. Known for his ability to breathe life into any song, Ron’s contribution to “Khel” elevates it to another level. His collaboration with Miki Malang showcases the synergy between the two artists, creating a track that resonates deeply with listeners.

    Song Theme and Vibe

    Khel” is a Theth-obsessed song that highlights the lifestyle of Miki Malang and his group. The song talks about dedicating their lives to danger and showcases their raw and authentic desi lifestyle. While the song starts a bit slow, it quickly picks up and becomes catchy, making it a worthy addition to your repeat playlist.

    The Artists and Their Impact

    Miki Malang and Ron Likhari are well-known names in the Haryanvi hip-hop scene, consistently delivering high-quality work. However, they often don’t receive the widespread recognition they deserve. Despite this, they continue to produce impressive music for their fans. The video for this song hasn’t been released yet, but the audio is available on all platforms.

    Listen Khel Here!

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    Miki Malang & Ron Likhari – Khel – Unofficial Video

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    Check out Miki Malang and Ron Likhari’s new song “Khel” and see how it takes Haryanvi hip hop to the next level.

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